Jan 9, 2021 • 21M

Running the World: Episode One - extended feature on football in Germany

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Women's football podcast, focusing on Scotland and beyond.
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Last year was a special year for women’s football in Germany. It had been 50 years since women’s football was first recognised by the DFB - the national association of Germany - and 30 years since the introduction of the Women’s Bundesliga.

Franziska Blendin, Ellen Hanisch and Sascha Düerkop from Legende Verloren have done more research into women’s football than anyone else, and in September last year published an article for Since 71 Bundesliga 30th Anniversary: Correcting History.

Last month, on episode one of the Running the World podcast, Sandrine Wyrich, Alexandra Silverton Lopez and Salvatore Boemi spoke to the trio about how women’s football has grown in Germany. On today’s bonus feature podcast, they explore more in-depth about the challenges women’s football has had in Germany.

Music by Lily Daigle.