Mar 15, 2021 • 21M

Running the World: Bonus episode

With Celtic head coach Fran Alonso and Stirling University's Mariluz Sanchez

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Women's football podcast, focusing on Scotland and beyond.
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Every football career is unique – Celtic manager Fran Alonso and Stirling University player Mariluz Sanchez both found their way from Spain to Scotland.

In this feature for Anyone’s Game they tell their story and discuss the places that shaped their career.

They reflect on arriving in Scotland and the experiences they collected so far and explain how football here is different to football in Spain.

Alonso and Sanchez also share their views on how the women’s game is progressing in general and how they and their teams are currently dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SWPL 1 returns on 4 April, and with that Anyone’s Game also returns. This means all subscriptions have now been unpaused, and for those who have yet to take out a premium subscription you can now do so again. Note the content will soon move back behind a paywall, so sign up as soon as you can.