Apr 11, 2021 • 2M

Predictions: Anyone's Game versus the SWPL

Anyone's Game this week takes on Hibernian's Leah Eddie to predict Sunday's games

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At Anyone’s Game, we love winning. Whether it’s racing people to McDonalds or finishing a fish supper the quickest, we just love being competitive.

And so, to show off our superiority, we thought we would take on the SWPL.

At first we thought about organising an actual game of football, but quickly realised that would involve a lot of exertion and we would probably lose, and as above we’re all about the winning.

So instead, every week one of the team will take on the best brains in the SWPL to predict the scores.

Scoring is simple. Ten points for the correct result, 20 points for the correct score.

First up, Hibernian’s Leah Eddie takes on Anyone’s Game’s Andrew Southwick.

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