Brondby made to travel to 'cancelled' Valerenga tie

Brondby say Uefa asked them to travel to Norway for Champions League tie only to cancel the game, despite pleas from Danish side

Brondby have been left unhappy at being asked to fly to Valeranga for their Champions League last 32 tie, despite knowing it was likely the game would be called off.

The match was postponed hours before kick-off after a member of the Brondby squad tested positive for Covid-19, with Norwegian rules meaning anyone in close contact with a positive case must self-isolate for 10 days.

However, Brondby said the positive case was known two days ago, before they had travelled, yet Uefa told them to make the trip regardless.

Brondby said in a statement they “tried all of Tuesday to get Uefa to move the match to avoid the situation we have now ended up in, but in vain”.

The Danish club said: “Uefa’s feedback to us was on Tuesday that we should show up and settle the match as planned. Therefore, we flew Wednesday morning at 09:00 to Oslo in the chartered flight from Copenhagen Airport.

“As we prepared for tonight’s match this morning (Thursday), we were informed that Uefa has now decided to move the match.

“Of course, we respect the decision due to the circumstances caused by Covid-19, but we are very sorry about the process, as I said the day before departure, we raised the issue with Uefa and were told that we should travel to Oslo as planned and settle the match.

“The match against Vålerenga next week in Brøndby will take place as planned.”

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